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SeaPort-e Contract Quality Assurance 

Solvern Innovations, a separate business unit of TCS, a Comtech company, values quality of performance and products as a top priority. A key component of ensuring that customer quality expectations are met is maintaining continuous communications with our customers at all performance levels – from routine, daily task interactions of our contract staff, to customer satisfaction reports and customer meetings with our upper management. Open communications help foster partnership and a sense of shared ownership in program goals and successes and is one of our corporate operating principles. Our customers have immediate access to Solvern's (now called Cyber Intelligence Group), Seaport-assigned corporate Quality Management Officer (QMO) and/or our executives at any time. CIG possesses Lean Six Sigma Black Belt credentials and extensive experience creating, monitoring, and continuously improving, upgrading, and enhancing Quality Assurance (QA) program functions and features for our customers. Utilizing the Lean Six Sigma methodology, we dedicate our efforts to recommending process improvements, enhancements, and refinements that create a streamlined QA Program functions including:

  • Development, as needed, of effective, efficient, repeatable processes and procedures that improve performance and reduce variation in products, services, and outcomes
  • Analysis and optimization of existing processes and procedures, using proven approaches, methodologies, and tools
  • Elimination of failure points and products lacking purpose/ usefulness
  • Gap analysis of capabilities against requirements to address all gaps in customer needs compared to products and services being provided
  • Integration of Lessons Learned
  • Forecasts of future needs and realistic plans for continued improvement

We examine existing processes and products to facilitate a baseline for continued improvement and success. Process mapping and value-added analysis provide details of processes and potential failures. An overview of our fundamental approach to QA is presented below. This high-level approach is tailored and honed to address the specific needs and goals of each task we undertake.

Quality Assurance