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Comtech TCS Voice over LTE 9-1-1 (VoLTE9-1-1™)

Built upon the single largest VOIP emergency call processing platform in the nation, the Comtech TCS VoLTE9-1-1™ (Voice over LTE) solution is cost-effective, highly flexible, and standards-based. This service is fully customizable according to the carrier’s LTE infrastructure.

VoLTE9-1-1 Architecture


  • Call routing to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) serving the caller’s location:
    • The Comtech TCS 9-1-1 Emergency Call Server (ECS) Route Determination Function (RDF) routes a VoLTE9-1-1 call based on coarse location using Cell ID, Wi-Fi MAC Address or Femto ID.
  • Re-bid by PSAP for precise location after call routing:
    • The Comtech TCS 9-1-1 ECS Location Retrieval Function (LRF) can respond to a rebid for an updated/precise position using an Evolved GMLC (Control Plane) or a Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Server.
  • PSAPs can respond to dropped calls:
    • PSAPs are provided with a 10-digit subscriber callback number.
  • Emergency voice call continuity for location service: 
    • The Comtech TCS VoLTE9-1-1 solution supports location continuity to the PSAPs in the case of handovers from 4G/LTE to 3G/2G networks.
  • Multiple provisioning interface tools – CDM tool, LIS API, B2B API, RF email submissions):
    • These make cellsite database provisioning quick and easy.  


The Comtech TCS VoLTE9-1-1 solution provides public safety benefits that carriers need most to embrace next generation technologies. The Comtech TCS VoLTE9-1-1 solution utilizes Comtech TCS' years of public safety communications experience to help ensure subscribers receive the connectivity and responsiveness they need in an emergency situation.

  • The most experienced deployment and location services team in the industry 
  • Comtech TCS is an active participant and contributor in LTE standards as they relate to 9-1-1
  • A cost effective, robust, stable and reliable IP platform
  • Rapid implementation, requiring few carrier resources 
  • Opportunity to increase subscriber loyalty and retention 

Since deploying the first U.S. wireless E9-1-1 solution in 1998, Comtech TCS has been leading public safety solutions for wireless E9-1-1, NG9-1-1 and E1-1-2. Comtech TCS supports half of all U.S. wireless E9-1-1 calls serving more than 140 million wireless and IP-enabled devices. With the nation’s only non-carrier TL 9000-certified wireless and VoIP E9-1-1 Network Operations Center (NOC), Comtech TCS’ highly-reliable E9-1-1 solutions ensure that a subscriber’s emergency call routes to the appropriate PSAP and automatically pinpoints the caller’s location information.

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Comtech TCS Voice over LTE 9-1-1
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