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Be Ready for Text-to-911

SIP/MSRP Interoperability Lab
For NENA i3 Standards Compliance

The Comtech Telecommunications Text-to-911 MSRP Interoperability Lab is available now, with the objective of continuous conformance to NENA i3 standards compliance. Our Interoperability Lab will enable NENA i3-compliant call handling solution vendors to test their text-to-911 SIP/MSRP interfaces and software prior to deployment by Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) public safety answering points (PSAPs). In addition to phone calls for assistance, hundreds of PSAPs are starting to receive Short Message Service (SMS) text messages from the public. The Interoperability Lab will allow call handling solution vendors to test the interfaces that process these messages. This will provide an effective path to ensure smooth deployment of Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP)-based interfaces for text-to-911. PSAPs, in turn, will know that the vendor’s call-handling software has been proven effective and reliable, prior to relying upon it to process emergency text messages from the public.

ESInet Lab Diagram

There is no need to bring equipment to the lab; Comtech Telecommunications will provide a secure connection for the tester (vendor) to receive and reply to text messages and monitor the testing. The CPE vendor will need a Session Border Controller (SBC) in their network. Comtech Telecommunications will provide access to its Interoperability Lab through a secure Virtual Private Network

Contact Comtech Telecommunications today to pre-schedule your testing time; the lab will have dates where it is unavailable due to scheduling conflicts or other testing requirements. Send an email or complete the easy-to-use form on the right today to learn more about how you can test your equipment and be prepared for Text-to-911.

Work with the Comtech Telecommunications Interoperability Lab coordinator to:

  1. Complete the Comtech Telecommunications two-way NDA and IOT Agreement
  2. Receive the Comtech Telecommunications suggested SIP/MSRP implementation document s
  3. Schedule lab time
  4. Review test plan
  5. Establish secure VPN connectivity
  6. Perform testing
  7. Review results
  8. Be Ready for Text-to-9-1-1

Please email us today or use the form to the right to begin the process.

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