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VoIP 9-1-1 Verification

VoIP Verify® E9-1-1 Service

When your subscribers need emergency services and utilize VoIP 9-1-1, they expect their calls to be answered by the nearest PSAP. Yet frequently VSP networks are not natively compatible with the existing E9-1-1 infrastructure. In many cases, a service provider can’t route VoIP 9-1-1 calls to PSAPs. Consequently, their subscribers can’t be assured of their 9-1-1 service status, and in fact may be left without 9-1-1 service at all.

Introducing VoIP Verify®, an award-winning E9-1-1 service for VoIP and digital phone service providers. Using this service, you can test your internal provisioning without having to schedule test calls with the PSAP. And at the same time, you can offer your subscribers self-validating assurance of their 9-1-1 service status at service installation.

How VoIP Verify Works

VoIP Verify enables you, the service provider, to determine the availability and extent of E9-1-1 service coverage to your subscriber base.

With this service, your onsite technician, or even the subscriber, can simply dial a designated number—usually a 9-1-1 variant such as 9-3-3—to complete the verification process. To verify the level of service to your subscriber at their provisioned address, VoIP Verify provides recorded feedback immediately upon the conclusion of the provisioning process.

Recorded service status messages, customizable by the service provider, are available for various states of service. These states including unprovisioned subscribers, provisioned subscribers with i2 service, provisioned subscribers with i1 service, and provisioned subscribers with no service.

Key Benefits

VoIP Verify provides the following advantages:

  • Verifies subscriber’s 9-1-1 service status instantaneously and on the spot
  • Saves you time and resources by reducing the need for follow-up onsite service calls
  • Enables you to develop custom dialing plans which allow your subscribers to get real-time PSAP service status
  • Provides your VSPs with immediate feedback at the end of the provisioning process.
  • System response status messages are customizable to your specifications

VoIP 9-1-1 Verification

VoIP Verify enables you to determine the availability and extent of E9-1-1 service coverage to your subscriber base. (Click image to enlarge)

Levels of 9-1-1 Service

When 9-3-3 is dialed after the install, the customer IVR can be configured to play back messages as to how the call will route. The bullets below describe the responses:

  • PSAP: The responder is a PSAP in a traditional North American 9-1-1 environment.
  • Comtech TCS Response Center: The Comtech TCS Response Center answers calls and determines the best emergency service provider (PSAP, police, or fire station) and manually routes the call to that emergency service provider.
  • Recorded message: The 9-1-1 caller will hear a specific recorded message, customized for the VoIP service provider, describing the extent of the service available.
  • Carrier operated: The responder is operated by (or on behalf of) the carrier.
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