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Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) on Intelsat 14

There is an exploding growth in connected devices, smart apps, video, and bandwidth. Operators are investing in network expansion and the satellite industry is no different. Government and commercial clients know networks will grow but have to do so across multiple satellites, transponders, and frequencies. How can they address this while maintaining and controlling costs, and ensure continuity and improving performance? TCS OS-IRIS.

TCS OS-IRIS is the world’s first commercial service offering of a Cisco enabled Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) managed network service. The combination of Cisco IRIS satellite and terminal architecture, in addition to TCS global network implementation and support capabilities, bring a new era of true IP end-to-end communications to the satellite industry and our clients.

Key Benefits

  • True IP end-to-end network
  • Single hop architecture of reduced latency and improved application performance
  • Four continents simultaneously through a single connection
  • Single physical access network - all sites half a hop
  • Allows creation of private shared services models – Common bandwidth pool across multiple virtual networks
  • Single monthly fee for the entire network
  • Allows independent scaling of terminals and bandwidth
  • Add a terminal without the need to purchase additional bandwidth
  • Purchase more bandwidth to share across the pool
  • Customer chooses allocation of bandwidth across their sites
  • All links are full-duplex, same as terrestrial networks

 TCS OS-IRIS (TCS Logo, Cisco IRIS logo)

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1 800.557.5869

Outside the US:

  • Europe +34 67.759.5420
  • Africa & Middle East +27 83.304.4411
  • Carib. & Latin Am. +1 703.727.1995
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